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Typhoon Update!

or, a long day.

storm 25 °C

We didn't go to bed last night, we stayed up in the train station nestled in a cozy corner after a long, cold Hokkaido day. Our train was three am, and all we had for company was a deck of cards, a book, and a crazy guy by the name of Hiroshi, who, after confidently introducing himself, lived to regret it when our massive language barrier made conversation a series of gestures, thumbs up, and ums. but Alison took the biscuit, when her complaint of mosquito bites somehow left him thinking she thought he was yakuza mafia. he did have a lot of tatoos...

anyway, eventually we slept on a really good sleeper seat train, with snoring man, seats went to the horizontal, and somehow made it to tokyo despite all the crazy changes. we beat the typhoon by about 9 hours, but the line to hiroshima was closed!

so, to make the most of things alison bought me a transformer from akihabara - dad, i've a fixing of transformers related job for you. we also got me a battery charger slightly smaller than the camera dock and got a typhoon update at the camera shop, it was sitting on hiroshima apparantly on its way!

station advice was as good as military intelligence, what they did know, they couldn't tell us. so we went to our trusty welcome inn reservation centre, who got us a night in tokyo and a free cancellation of the night we'd missed in Hiroshima. go welcome inn! so now we're crashing out, would be riding out the storm right now except...

... it heard i was in town, turned its course seawards, and fled with its cloudy tail between its legs. missed tokyo by about a hundred miles, we got gusts and showers is all! so i faced down the hurricane, and just when it looked to have beaten me, i ended up winning.

so we're safe.

oh, and now that we've gone south its hot and humid again, still grey skys but unbelievably different climate to the north. its like if aberdeen - london was the difference between winter and tropics.

Joe and Alison

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HI glad you managed to outwit the typhoon! grandma was worried. disappointing you were messed about with your plans,but at least youare safe.posh hotel sounded good,especially the dead bodies! Joe obviously likes sea urchin, he had better make the most of it,as I don,t know of any restaurants servingit over here.the onsen sounds like hard work ,don't think I could use one.
really fascinating reading all the blogs looking forward to seeing photos.

Hello both,

pleased that you are AOK. Japan obviously has lots to see and learn. Cant find other than your first two photos, are you uploading or not? Have fun CUL8R

by alikatsdad

hey guys,

Only just realised that I can leave comments.

I'm so jealous you managed to experience an earthquake, read that some skyscrapers were swaying in Tokyo. Obviously hope your o.k. but you were quite far away from the centre. Did you notice it? Would have been cool if you were on a skyscraper when it happend. Or closer to the centre.

Also looking forward to seeing your photos, will have to come up and visit when you get back.


(this message accomponies my email)

by hjohnsy

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